Zeitschrift für Recht & Islam

Policies and Mission Statement

The Journal of Law and Islam (Zeitschrift für Recht und Islam, ZRI) considers itself a platform for the exchange among academics and legal practitioners on normative questions arising in the context of the Islamic religion, Islamic law and legal systems that have Islamic elements or claim an Islamic foundation. The journal was founded in 2009 as the GAIR-Mitteilungen, the members’ journal of the Society of Arabic and Islamic Law (Gesellschaft für Arabisches und Islamisches Recht, GAIR). Having received high acclaim in scholarship and among practitioners, it has since developed into an open access online scientific journal that reaches an increasingly broader readership in- and outside Germany.

2015, the GAIR-Mitteilungen were renamed into Zeitschrift für Recht & Islam (ZR&I). This name change encompasses not only a transition to a new, contemporary layout for an online journal. Rather, the new name aims at showing that the ZRI does not restrict itself to the Arab region, but also addresses legal questions arising in an African, American, Asian and European context.

The ZRI is published in annual issues by the editors through the GAIR. An editorial team supports the editors in this endeavour. You can find further information on the procedure of publishing articles here.